Stormy Ross Road (photograph by Ruth Miller)

The Ross Road Food Growing Project, funded by the National Community Lottery, aims to bring together the local community by co-creating a food growing and support network in these times of Covid-19 and beyond.

Our aim is to bring our street together through something that unites us all, our need for food. Through sharing the food growing experience and how we like to prepare and eat our produce, we look to improve our local connections which can help us to build a local support network, which doesn’t just need to centre around food, through these times of a global pandemic.

This project is run by Forcera CIC,  a not for profit consultancy offering system thinking expertise built on a good understanding of the best practices for systems change for social impact.

How will we be doing this?

We are creating a space for the community to connect through growing and sharing food, produce, plants and growing skills whether you’re a gardening expert or complete beginner!

My first peas! (photograph by Ruth Miller)

There will be a chance to:

  • grow your own food, as we are providing seeds.
  • learn about growing through our workshops.
  • share experiences and ask questions about growing, cooking, preserving on our forum or via our online meets or in person.
  • connect with the local community through our forum.
  • swap, share, borrow or give items via our forum.
  • Ask for advice, support or local help on our forum.
  • submit stories about your growing experience and send recipes to be added to the website

Plus once we are out of lockdown, we will be popping door to door to get to know you and to grow support for the project whether you live in a high rise flat or a home with a garden.