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1. Comments and contributions to forum threads or posts should be descriptive, succinct, and relevant to discussion or forum topic.

1.a. To better facilitate conversation, moderators may move off-topic threads to another appropriate forum, close threads or delete off-topic posts at their discretion.
1.b. To maintain quality of discussions, contributions that do not provide a substantive purpose or relevance may be removed.

2. We encourage members to have open and candid discussions and debates. We will not censor members for expressing an opinion within the limits of these rules of conduct. However, all communications should be civil and polite. Members should treat each other with respect and consideration for all points of view.

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4. Users are encouraged to discuss and share experiences. To ensure that all users will get the most out of the experience, the following linking policies are in effect to curb self-promotion and spam. Posts that do not adhere to these policies may have their links disabled or be removed.

4.a. The forum may not be used to post, transmit or provide hyperlinks or pointers to press releases, newsletters, websites, or any other type of content that promote one’s commercial business, product or service or does not address the thread’s topic..

5. Email excerpts of any type or length are not allowed to be posted in community forums, blogs or other tools.

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7. Advertising: Forums may not be used to advertise or promote businesses, products or services within the discussion boards, idea exchanges or blogs. Posts that contain pricing information will be considered abuse and removed.

8. Intellectual property: Forums and blogs may not be used to post material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner(s) of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right.

9. Spam: Posting the same message, or an unsolicited commercial message, to one or many topics or boards is considered spam and will be removed. Duplicate messages may be deleted.

10. Abusive and harassing behavior or any actions that violate these rules of conduct may result in suspension of your ability to post to forums and other member-contributed areas. Account suspensions may be appealed to a Moderator.

11. Private discussions: Sometimes, a discussion thread strays off into a friendly dialogue or a heated debate among a very small number of users. For these exchanges, we ask that you take these discussions outside the forum.