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Peas, Beans and Squirrels

by Ross Road Hannah

I live in the old stables that were built for Kilravock house on Ross Road. Converted in the 1920s I like to think there may still be one or two ghost horses whinnying in my ear every now and then.

In my flat the only space for growing is my shared front yard. When I moved in there was a couple of random, empty planters and a large bathtub of blueberries bushes which I have provided a couple of delicious crops. The yard is all paved with huge trees slowly pulling up the slabs. It took me a while to really engage with my yard as I have had such bad luck with container planting. But after going to a few Ross Road Food Growing meets, I thought I’d give some herbs a go and now have spearmint, lavender, sage and lemon balm growing.

Then I got my winter seed growing kits so I figured it’s worth a go to grow some actual food. So I got some soil delivered and got some donated old pots from Ross Road Ruth and planted them all out in the front of my house.

I put my peas and broad beans out first in their own individual pots. They are just on my window ledge so quite protected from gusts of wind and squirrels. They are now about 6 inches high and I can tell the difference as the beans have chunkier stalks, all the better for climbing up. I borrowed more planters and planted up my garlic, shallots and onions which have started to peek through the soil. I have had to set up squirrel defence as there are 2 fat squirrels who come into my yard and dig holes in all my pots and taunt my cats.

Using some borrowed saws  thanks to Ross Road Ian, I cut off some branches of the giant buddleia. I use the twigs to fill my plant pots and hopefully deter the troublesome squirrels duo.

It’s nearly time for me to plant on my peas and beans. I bought some reusable grow bags from Marshalls and bought a couple of bags of soil and filled them up. I cut some more big sticks from the buddleia and will use them as bean poles. But now we have started to have frost so I need to figure out how to protect my peas & beans from squirrels and frost.

Had a chat with the Ross Road Food Growing meet on our regular zoom call and decided to make some cloches ( a dome to protect the plant) with salvaged mesh and clear plastic bags. I shall report how I get along!


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  1. Very impressed. Makes me want to “get a move on”
    You have done brilliantly Hannah
    Keep up the excellent progress.
    If you would like some clear plastic bags from my superkmt deliveries you are welcome to some.

  2. Hannah
    Well done. It was a very interesting and amusing article.

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