By Claire Knapp

Mung beans to be sprouted!

Like to make a salad?  Here’s one I love and a couple of dressing ideas that I think go really well with sprouts.

Mackerel and Beet salad 

For 1 person

1 mackerel half 

1 tablespoons of sprouted mung beans (pre sprout 1 dessert spoon each). 

Half a pack of precooked beetroot (if they are small beets use the whole pack) or roast your own – this adds great flavour to the salad.

Mix it all together and add one of these dressings:

Tahini Dressing (savoury) For 1 person

2 dessert spoons of tahini

2-4 dessert spoons of water (roughly)

Splash of lemon juice

Glug or so of Tamari soya sauce.

Mix together the tahini, water and lemon juice until it becomes a liquid sort of paste. I like my dressing in the middle, not too thick nor too thin. Experiment see how you like it but get the paste right before you add the tamari. Then mix in a small glug of tamari – add more to taste!

Humous dressing (sweet) For 1 person

1 tablespoon of humous

1 tablespoon of water

Agave nectar or honey

Mix together the humous and water and then add a squirt of nectar or a teaspoon of honey to taste.